Lions WBB Advances to NIAC Conference Championship

Lions WBB Advances to NIAC Conference Championship


The Lions came out on fire, jumping out to an early 12 to 1 lead in the 1st quarter and finished the quarter 26 to 8.

The Blazers would be able to fight back a little in the 2nd quarter as they would outscore the Lions 17 to 13 in the quarter.

The Blazers led at halftime 39 to 25.

The 3rd quarter was all Blazers as they continued to battle back, this time outscoring the Lions by 10 points in the quarter.

The two teams continued to battle as the Lions tried to hold the Blazers off.

The Lions defeated the Blazers 70 to 65 to advance to the NIAC Conference Championship Game.


- The Lions shot 37 percent from the field (23/62), 25 percent on 3's (5/20) and 57 percent on FT's (19/33).

- The Blazers shot 35 percent from the field (28/80), 13 percent on 3's (2/15) and 35 percent on FT's (7/20).

-The Lions had 18 offensive rebounds to the Blazers 26.

-The Lions had 14 turnovers to the Blazers 14.

-Jaylen Newman led the Lions with double-double 39 points and 14 rebounds.

-Shaylyn Steinheuser added 12 points and 9 rebounds.

-Rebecca Olsson pitched in 10 points.

- Trinity Bible College Current Record: 15-11