NCCAA Code of Conduct

NCCAA Code of Conduct

The NCCAA is committed to the true spirit of competition and upholding the four core values of the Game Plan 4 Life: Love, Integrity, Faith and Excellence.

We ask that each participant, official and spectator join us in exhibiting these Christ-like characteristics and help us create a positive environment in which to enjoy today’s competition.


Athletics plays a significant role in the holistic education of student- athletes. It is a powerful tool to develop leadership skills and godly character development. Therefore every effort should be made to demonstrate the highest standard of excellence and godly character.

Therefore, relying on God, with the help of my coaches and teammates, I will strive to:

Follow all guidelines of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) letter and spirit, and place myself in compliance with the association.

Provide student records as well as accurate and complete information concerning all aspects of my playing to the NCCAA and other public forums.

Treat coaches, administrators and officials with respect as the authority figures placed over me as I represent my institution and the NCCAA.

Treat fellow student-athletes with respect and celebrate their diversity regardless of gender, ethnicity or cultural background.

Instill godly character in my teammates by demonstrating high standards of personal honesty and integrity.

Accept responsibility for my behavior and performance in the academic arena as well as the athletic arena.